Clark Public Utilities

Vancouver, Washington

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This LEED Gold project expanded the existing Clark Public Utilities Operations Center by over 15,000 SF and remodeled 6,000 SF of the existing building. In addition to meeting vigorous Sustainability and Energy Efficiency goals, public education was a priority. The building is being used as a public demonstration of various types of daylighting, energy saving devices and river restoration practices to provide ongoing performance data and educational information to the public.

We employed multiple sustainable solutions to clearly demonstrate the impact of low, medium and high cost solutions. Large exterior windows between concrete columns supply the new building office and meeting spaces with natural lighting and views. Glass skylights, translucent skylight assemblies, a solar tracking skylight and solar tubes add to the natural lighting of the interior spaces. Roof monitors with skylights, north facing windows, and various types of solar panels were incorporated in the building design.

Over ten different types of solar panels were incorporated in the building design to demonstrate the energy production/performance of different technologies. Roof drains collect rain and route the water to a rain garden adjacent the building. The garden was landscaped to provide an example of Clark Public Utilities river restoration practices. Low tech solutions included East/West building orientation, appropriately sized overhangs to block direct sunlight in the summer and allow it in the winter, enhanced insulation in the walls and roof, low-E glass and strategically placed northern glazing to introduce natural light without increasing unwanted solar gain.

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