NW 23rd Office

Lawyers Title

Portland, Oregon

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Located in a three story, 1913 building downtown, Lawyers Title more than doubled their office area by expanding into an adjacent space. This old building boasted 16' ceilings, thick concrete walls, exposed ducts and industrial windows.  To celebrate the high ceilings in the lobby and play up the existing angles of the loft, we designed a diagonal stair to provide a strong connection between the two spaces. Working with the existing industrial architecture, we mimicked the window pattern with opaque glass around the conference rooms to offer movement and light while retaining privacy in the conference rooms. All of the offices were flanked by large industrial windows to create a very open office while retaining acoustic privacy.

Since most of a Title Company’s clientele only visit the office once or twice, it was crucial that the main entrance be moved to the opposite end of the space and directly across from the main elevator and stairs. By moving the entry, we provided guests an intuitive path into the office.

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