Cherry Park

Elementary School

Elementary School

Portland, Oregon

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BBL Architects was challenged with limited options for adding 3-5 classrooms to an existing school with four single loaded classroom wings. We found an opportunity by thinking outside of the scope and acknowledging that there were also limited spaces for teacher congregation, workroom, materials storage and a secure administration center. By expanding and remodeling the entry of the school, we were able to add the 5 requested classrooms in addition to a flex HUB classroom, enhance security, provide more efficient administration areas, and design a welcoming entry that draws visitors to the administrative core.

Cherry Park’s new entry is a grand space with a vaulted natural wood ceiling that brings light into the lobby and reception areas. The vaulted ceilings continue into the administration office and provide a welcoming first impression and a pleasant work environment for staff. Positioned at the entry of the school, the administration center captures approaching visitors in an entry courtyard while providing the administration with sight-lines and a secure entry vestibule for screening visitors before admittance. By adding additional offices and a large workroom and storage space, the new administration center is also more efficient and user friendly.

Across from the administration center is a HUB room that serves as a large flex space to be used by faculty, students, and the community while also accommodating fluctuating student populations and future expansion. The lobby expands into a corridor flanked by new meeting rooms, a student commons area, teacher workroom, restrooms and five classrooms. This addition boasts expansive windows and high ceilings throughout for a more natural and productive learning environment.

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