Verne A. Duncan

Elementary School

Elementary School

Happy Valley, Oregon

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This elementary exceeded the District's LEED Silver goals and met LEED Gold thresholds while constructing under budget.

Maximizing resources, Verne Duncan elementary shares parking and athletic fields that are operated by the City Park and Recreation District. To make this project financially feasible for the district, BBL facilitated collaboration between multiple stakeholders including the adjacent Middle School/High School and the North Clackamas Park and Recreation District. Several preliminary joint meetings were held with the City of Happy Valley, North Clackamas School District, and the Park and Recreation District office to coordinate facilities, roadways, open space and athletic facilities.

The two-story, 61,000 square foot elementary school provides an environment for 550-600 students and has been designed to allow for community use of the gymnasium, media-center, playgrounds, play fields, cafeteria and meeting spaces.  The school is built of natural materials, high performance glass, and masonry exterior finishes that require minor maintenance for the life of the building.

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