Seven Oak

Middle School

Middle School

Lebanon, Oregon

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Seven Oak  middle school is designated as a Benchmark III school that includes students encompassing a five year range.  The school is structured with smaller “school communities” comprised of teachers with students ranging across the entire ability and age level.  The existing 1950’s era building no longer met the needs of the student population.  As a Benchmark school, the redesign needed to be educationally responsive to the different emotional levels and teaching needs across the entire student population spectrum.

A cohesive and inviting image, appropriate for both students and the extensive community use, was a high priority. Numerous programming, school/site and master planning meetings were held that included the design team, community members, students, and a variety of representatives from the school district. The result is a cohesive project poised to provide a nurturing environment now and into the future. The facility is an attractive statement of the importance of the education system to the community.  “The feeling that you get when you come into Seven Oak is this is a school of the future.” Rob Slauson, Former Principal, Lebanon Community School District.

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