North Clackamas School District

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Portland, Oregon

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BBL Architects inventoried 15 administrative departments located in several buildings dispersed throughout Clackamas. The district’s goal was to co-habitate all of their administrative functions to streamline operations and better serve the community. BBL Architects worked closely with the District to prepare long-range programming and square footage analysis for multiple master plan scenarios. Department functions and interconnections were analyzed resulting in 5 departments remaining in their current location and consolidating 10 departments containing over 100 employees into one facility.

The District purchased a building centralized within the district boundaries to best serve the community. This 24,000 sq ft facility contains 10 departments, 10 conference rooms of varying sizes and a large 120 person capacity boardroom that can be divided into 3 larger conference rooms to offer flexibility for trainings, conferences, and board meetings. This facility directly reflects the District’s values of Student Achievement, Equity, and Resources and Quality Programs. This was achieved through keeping the site and building shell relatively untouched while customizing the interior of the building to best serve staff, teachers, community and students.

The building displays hundreds of pictures of Student Activities and serves as a gallery for student Art, Science and Literature projects. Equity is reflected through multilingual signage, Lactation rooms, Small Privacy Conference Rooms and Transgender restrooms. In addition to multiple collaborative and lounge work environments, each workstation is outfitted with a motorized adjustable worksurface and mobile pedestal with a cushion top seat to encourage employee well-being, collaboration, movement and workspace customization. This building was holistically designed to foster evolving changes in workspace productivity.

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